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Lucas Niggli - drums/percussion
STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND at Theater Basel in the Opera

Michael Wertmüller composed a new Opera for Theater Basel: "DIODATI.UNENDLICH". STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND and the Basel Symphonie Orchestra will play together...Premiere: 21st of February 2019.

New CD with Ke´ta Br÷nnimann Niggli

In May 2019 the Trio with Aly Keïta (Balafon) , Jan Galega Brönnimann ( Clarinets) und Lucas Niggli will record their second CD for INTAKT Records, after their highly acclaimed CD KALO YELE.

New CD from the Duo Charlotte Hug and Lucas Niggli

The improvising Duo of Charlotte Hug ( Voice and Viola) and Lucas Niggli releases the album FULGURATIO on the polish Label Ad Libitum.

NewsNext concert :

 01.02.2019 20:00

Meylan, Theatre Hexagone


Andreas Schaerer - Luciano Biondini - Kalle Kalima - Lucas Niggli
A Novel Of Anomaly

Lucas Niggli SoloNews Out now:

Lucas Niggli Solo
Alchemia Garden

Lucas Niggli   Drums / Percussion

Intakt Records  2018-1

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